UTENGULE COFFEE FARM “Home to the famous Rift Valley gourmet coffees”

UTENGULE COFFEE FARM “Home to the famous Rift Valley gourmet coffees”

‘Where Style blends with Elegance & freshly ground Coffee’
On the edge of the East African Rift Valley, at the foot of the Mbeya range in Southern Tanzania, lies a region renowned for growing coffee. Warm summers and fresh winters combined with seasonal rains create the perfect conditions for coffee cultivation. And it is here that the famous Rift Valley Coffee has its origins, grown on the Utengule Coffee Estate 1,400 metres above sea level.

The Bourbon varieties, grown under the shade on Utengule Estate are renowned for their smooth flavour, full body and excellent acidity. The soil is very organic and rich in minerals which originate from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The estate is crossed by clear mountain streams which are used to irrigate the coffee fields after the long dry seasons and to wash coffee during harvest.
About 40% of the farm’s 300 hectares are cultivated, while another 40% is nature reserve with a particularly rich flora and fauna, giving habitat to over 200 bird species. Visitors to the Estate come to learn more about coffee, pick their own cherries or plant a coffee tree, while staying at the Utengule Coffee Lodge, ‘The Lodge on the Estate’.
In April to July, Utengule Coffee Estate fields spring to life when the red, ripe cherries are picked, washed and dried in the sun. After resting for two months, the coffee beans will be roasted, blended and packed for the demanding coffee gourmet.

Coffee Tours – Utengule and Songwa farms organize specialised coffee tours. For more details please contact us.

Our Roasting Products

‘Tanzania Café’
This fine coffee was created especially for the palate of our discerning Tanzanian customers, who enjoy the combination of the elegant flavours and acidity of highland Arabica as well as the strong and full body of good-quality Robusta from Lake Victoria region. In this product, we raised the Robusta portion to 40%, making it a truly punchy coffee. Tanzania Café makes a great cup of coffee as traditional filter coffee but it makes also excellent Espresso or Cappuccino.
Arabica: 60%
Robusta: 40%
Comes in 500 grams gusset bags.

‘Rift Valley’
This coffee is a pure Arabica from Utengule farm, made of grade “A” beans. Utengule coffee displays a full body (“coffee-ness”), fine citric acidity and undertones of blackberry. These characteristics are associated with high-grown coffee from the region and are desirable for gourmet type coffee.

Utengule belongs to the 1% most expensive coffee in the world, and typical export markets are Europe, Japan, and the United States. Utengule grows mainly traditional Arabica varieties of Bourbon origin under mixed shade. Thanks to sustainable cultivation practices (shade, recycling of organic material, balanced nutrition) the soils are still very fertile despite 100 years of coffee cultivation.
Arabica: 100%
Comes in 350 grams tins or 500 grams gusset bags

Zanzibar coffee contains much of the attributes of Rift valley coffee, but it has more body due to the addition of some high-quality Robusta from Lake Victoria region. Liberica comes from Zanzibar island and adds special spicy notes to this unique blend. It is a reflection of Zanzibar with its famous spice culture.
Arabica: 75%
Robusta: 20%
Liberica: 5%
Comes in 350 grams tins or 500 grams gusset bags.

‘Africa’s Wildest’
Africa’s Wildest consists of Pea-Berry or also called “Pearls”. These are round instead of the usual flat beans. It develops when only one ovum is fertilised, and therefore only one bean fills the coffee cherry.

Premiums are paid for this coffee because some roasters are convinced of the particularly good roast quality of this bean type. Only about 8 – 10% of our production are pearls; therefore this coffee is particularly rare. Aspect and cup are excellent.
PB Arabica: 80%
Robusta: 20%
Comes in 350 grams tins or 500 grams gusset bags

Kifaru is made of pure superior Robusta beans, grown by smallholders near Lake Victoria. This hand-picked, dry-processed and sun-dried coffee produces a very strong cup with a robust, yet round, full-bodied flavour. It is the choice of the coffee drinkers, who prefer less acidity but more caffeine and strength in the beverage. It is indeed “irresistibly strong”
Robusta: 100%
Comes in 500 grams /1 kg gusset bags

All of our brands are sold through our marketing channel “RIFT VALLEY FINEST COFFEE”. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 the company decided to participate in the AVPA roast coffee world contests in Paris and won several medals in all three competitions. This achievement underlines the fine quality of our coffee products and fills the entire team with pride!


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