Breakfast around the world

Breakfast around the world

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? That’s right. Breakfast. Of course, you won’t have to do much thinking because your tummy will do it for you.

Breakfast is one of those meals that sets you up for the day ahead. Whether its cereal, fruit or just toast. Most of the time, it’s an already established routine in and you don’t put too much thought into it unless it’s a lazy Sunday and you just want to try something different. By different we mean, pancakes instead of just an omelette.

One thing that is common between you and any other person is that breakfast is an important meal of the day. However, have you ever wondered what breakfast is like in Venezuela or Russia? Let’s even bring it closer to home and say… Angola?

Although common aspects of breakfast like bread, eggs and grains is shared throughout the world, there are breakfast meals that are different to the norm and what some may feel are bizarre. To some, breakfast is sweet and others, savory. Breakfast can also mean just coffee, but to others, it’s a full-blown spread. Here’s what breakfast looks like all over the world.

Australia: Vegemite

Vegemite is a classic Australian dark colored spread that people can either like or loathe. Vegemite was invented in Australia in the 1920’s and has become a popular breakfast component in the continent. It’s made of brewer’s yeast extract. Since it has a consistency of jam, it’s eaten with slightly buttered toast. Unlike jam however, vegemite has a more savory flavor. Its salty taste enjoyed more by those who don’t necessarily have a sweet tooth.

Philippines: Tapsilog

This Filipino breakfast is a combination of 3 foods. In fact, the breakfast name alone is the combination of the 3 ingredients that make up this meal. Tapa, which means fried beef strips, Sinangag means garlic fried rice and Itlog is the egg. This breakfast meal will have you feeling like lunch came early!

Brazil: Bread, Coffee and Fruit

One of the less complicated meals, breakfast in Brazil is simply coffee, bread with cheese and a piece of fruit, more often, a papaya. Brazilians take their coffee seriously when it comes to breakfast, but they can substitute it with milk. Another common breakfast meal in Brazil is ham and cheese with coffee and milk.

Turkey: Kahvalti

Kahvalti is the Turkish word for breakfast. Unlike your typical breakfast meal, kahvalti is more of a breakfast buffet, which consists of several small dishes including bread, olives, fresh cheeses like feta, honey, eggs and tea. Kahvalti is a hearty meal and therefore, leaves no room for hunger at 11am or before lunchtime.

China: Youtiao and Soy Milk

Youtiao is basically fried dough eaten with Soy milk as a breakfast meal in many parts of China. Youtiao is a long, deep fried dough which takes the shape of a baguette, however in a much much smaller size. When paired with the soy milk, this breakfast meal is simple and complete.

Nigeria: Akara and Custard

If you thought lunch for breakfast just like the Filipinos do it is extreme, imagine dessert for breakfast. Custard is not usually thought of as breakfast, however in Nigeria, its quite common. It is best enjoyed on a cold day. Akara is made from black-eyed peas. It is sometimes known as beans balls or beans cakes. Simply put, the beans are blended with onions and bell peppers. The paste is then roughly shaped like balls and fried into hot oil. Akara is also sold as street food in Nigeria and its enjoyed by many.

Scotland: Full Scottish breakfast

A traditional full Scottish breakfast is one that will have you napping immediately after eating. The basic ingredients that make up this breakfast include, fried tomatoes, toast, mushrooms, a fried egg, square lorne sausages, link sausages, bacon, baked beans, black pudding or haggis and potato “tattie” scones. The description is quite a mouthful, can you imagine the plate itself?

Netherlands: Hagelslag

Hagelslag is a common Dutch food that is eaten for breakfast whereas elsewhere in the world, it would be considered an ingredient used for cakes or ice cream. Hagelslag is basically sprinkles put on buttered toast. Yes. Sprinkles. Sprinkles in all its shape, form and flavor. However, unusual for the rest of the world, the Dutch enjoy their sprinkles in many flavors either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry as a topping on buttered toast for breakfast. Hagelslag is sometimes referred to as a solidified version of Nutella and would definitely have the kids going the entire day. This breakfast would definitely be something they would look forward to every morning.

Now that you’ve gotten slightly familiar with how some parts of the world eat breakfast, why don’t you try out different breakfast meals the next time you go out for brunch!